Situated in the heart of the hip Berlin district, Mitte, is Hempvizer CBD Cafe.
With super cosy interior and the finest quality coffee beans straight from the best merchants in Italy. Plus an array of 100% organic sweet treats, cakes and croissants from Triple chocolate brownies to sugar free raw protein balls, for when you're feeling less indulgent.
Also deliciously fresh smoothies, acai bowls and a selection of handmade artisan sandwiches.
Hempvizer Cafe is your number one coffee shop destination and afternoon hangout.
Our highly experienced coffee baristas understand the art of making the perfect coffee.

Here at Hempvizer we live all things CBD and our coffee is no exception.
We can infuse our coffee with CBD, by putting our organically cultivated CBD flowers through with the coffee brewer, so it infuses perfectly and does not affect the coffee taste or roasting.

CBD is the perfect combination in your coffee, because CBD can take the edge off anxiety or perhaps even make you a little drowsy so drinking with coffee balances it out.
You feel a nice natural peacefulness, yet still feeling alert.
Simply put: combining CBD and coffee can give you alertness, minus the jitters! Plus you’ve ingested all the amazing health benefits of CBD while just going about your normal daily routine.

In short, no it's not, you can choose to add the CBD infusion as an extra. We know CBD might not be everyone's bag (yet) so it's optional. Same goes for the food treats, they are made without CBD and can be added if requested.

Brunnenstraße 35, 10115 Berlin