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Hempvizer is pleased to announce its collaboration with Giuseppe Iavicoli aka Beppe Treccia, introducing HEMPAZIZZ.

The Loovertits project developed by the artist Beppe Treccia, was born through a dream and developed in different directions, starting from the most obvious one which is design. 

– But, Loovertits is not just fashion and design: the goal of this “artistic” operation is to shift attention and raise awareness about the importance of breast cancer prevention. – An illness that unfortunately causes thousands of victims every year but which, if promptly diagnosed, can lead to timely treatment and in the best cases, recovery. – The artist’s desire is to be able to spread the word and fill large squares with Lovertits in order to create a room to talk about breast cancer, the importance of prevention, and possible treatments, with the support of industry experts and institutions who operate in this field.


A’Zizz can be found in various spaces dedicated to art, furniture, and furnishing accessories. The intent is certainly to expand the applications and uses of this hypnotic object by addressing above all towards art, proposing a series of twenty-eight boobs outdoor installations.


It is with immense delight that Hempvizers introduces Hempazizz, in order to support the cause and raise awareness and information for breast cancer prevention. – Help us support the cause. You can find A`Zizz for sale in our Shop in Friedrichshain and Neukölln. 

Love the Hempvizer Team 


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200,00  Incl. VAT