CBD Crystals

Cannabis oil has become very popular and users assumethat there is no THC in the oil. In fact,European regulations state that the THC content oflegal cannabis products cannot exceed 0.2percent. Too little, in other words, to cause intoxication.But also too little for it to be detectablein blood? No! Because in a drug screening, it is quitepossible that long-term consumption ofCBD oil can also be detected. And that's where CBDCrystals come in!Unlike many other CBD products, Crystals are completelyfree of THC, even minute traces arenot present. However, they still offer all the benefitsthat oil does. So if you are sensitive to CBDor worried about an MPU, a drug test or the like,CBD crystals are the optimal solution foryou.Because one thing is also clear: There are moreand more CBD consumers, because thedetachment from the hemp plant brings enormous healthbenefits.