CBD flowers

Say it through the flower! Natural cannabis productsCBD flowers are the most natural cannabisproducts on the market. Customers who want to haveno doubt about what they are buying arewell served by the flowers. The CBD flowers offeredare derived from plants of the CannabisSativa and Cannabis Indica genera. Both belong tothe Cannabaceae family and originate fromequatorial areas of Asia and South America. The substancescontained in hemp and theirpositive effects on body and mind have been knownsince ancient times. They were used morethan 10,00 years ago to relieve pain, treat sleepdisorders and restore concentration. Over time,the use of cannabis was banned in Germany and manyother countries. Also due to theintoxicating effect associated with the presence ofTHC. It is THC that is responsible for theoccurrence of possible side effects when consumingcannabis.However, in the last ten yearsthere has been a real worldwide change in direction.After many scientific studies and in-depthresearch, it was found that the cannabidiol containedin cannabis can bring many benefits to thebody. In fact, CBD has therapeutic properties, isa natural painkiller, has a stronganti-inflammatory effect, relaxes and can counteractsome neurodegenerative diseases. It isalso effective against anxiety and stress. CBD flowersare hemp flowers that contain less than0.2% THC. Their CBD (cannabidiol) content is preserved.The flowers bring all the positiveactive ingredients that are contained in cannabis.However, due to the absence of THC, they arecompletely legal and do not cause a high.

Aroma Flowers Cookie 5-10% CBD

18,00 68,00  inc. Vat

Aroma Flowers Skunk 5-10% CBD

17,00 51,00  inc. Vat