HERBIE Tobacco alternatives – 25g




Herbie Classic blend consists of five different hand-picked and chopped herbs (mullein, bearberry, lemon balm, mint and raspberry).

The refreshing taste of lemon, mint and raspberry is ideal for refreshment and daily use. Relaxing and refreshing effect.


Herbie The Real Thing blend consists of four different hand-picked and dried herbs (hops, mullein, bearberry and lavender).

The flavour with an emphasis on hops (hemp family, terpenes similar to hemp) and lavender is ideal for use during periods of rest due to its stronger relaxing effect.


Herbie Tea of The Freedom blend consists of three different hand-picked and chopped herbs (hops, mullein, bearberry).

It’s a completely neutral taste for everyone who doesn’t like stronger aromas, but likes the relaxing properties of hops.


The Herbie Magic Forest blend consists of seven different hand-selected and chopped herbs (mullein, hops, blackberry, calendula, chamomile, sage and lavender).

The exotic flavour with the most herbs has become the favorite of all users who have tried it for a reason.

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HERBIE Tobacco alternatives – 25g